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Res facta quae tamen fingi potuit

Not-quite-translation request for users of French versions of various browsers

If you have access to one of the following browser versions, and you're using/installed/selected (as appropriate) French for the menus and dialogs, could you tell me how the following (English) UI elements are rendered:

Warning: If you go through the following steps for your browser, this will clear your browser cache and maybe other stored browser data like cookies. Make sure you're not clearing your only copy of something you'd rather not lose.

Firefox 2.x and 3.0, Netscape 9.x:
- "Tools" (in the menu bar)
- "Cache" (checkbox in the dialog box)
- "Clear Private Data Now"
- "Clear Private Data..." (in the Tools menu)

Opera 9.x:
- "Tools" (in the menu bar)
- "Delete Private Data" (in the Tools menu)
- "Details" (in the dialog box)
- "Delete entire cache" (checkbox)
- "Delete" (button)

Safari 1.3, Safari 2.0:
- "Safari" (in the menu bar - I assume this is the same as in English, but just in case...)
- "Empty Cache" (in the Safari menu)

Thanks a lot to everyone who can help. :-) (This is to translate to French, in case you're wondering.)

Moved to the end because someone answered for them already
- "Tools" (in the menu bar)
- "Internet Options" (in the Tools menu)
- "Browsing History" (the section in the Internet Options dialog)
- "Delete..." (the button in the section above)
- "Delete Browsing History" (the window title)
- "Yes" (in the confirmation window)
- "Close" (in the Delete Browsing History window)
- "OK" (in the Internet Options window)
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