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Hi. I have been an ALT in Japanese elementary schools for four years, and this year I am making cards for my graduating sixth graders. For two of those four years I've been struggling to get them to speak in a loud voice (they get worried about making mistakes the latter half of forth grade) and have a couple of injokes that have actually worked pretty well. So...I need two things in Japanese for their cards and was hoping I could get some help from here.

1. The first item, the style of a painting name (which is exactly what it is): "The Large-Voiced Wizard Defeats the Eater of The Small-Voiced People".

2. As the inside sentiment and main point of the card (I have a personal message as well, but I can translate that one well enough. I just want to get this one 100% correct): "Remember, languages are for speaking! Never be afraid to defeat the monster by saying something in English."

Thanks in advance. I know it's a trivial request.
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