Mari マリ (truthseeker48) wrote in linguaphiles,
Mari マリ

American English Survey

If there are any American English speakers who have a moment, there's a short survey behind the cut. Thank you!

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Region of origin

4. What is Standard American English?

5. What is a dialect? Do you speak a dialect?

6. Where do people speak the best English in the US?

7. Is there a region in the US where people speak a variety of English that is difficult for you to understand? Where is it?

8. What do you call these items? (An image is provided if you click on the sentence)

a. A container that holds water
b. A container for items you buy at a grocery store
c. A carbonated beverage
d. A long sandwich filled with meat and vegetables
e. A pan you use to fry eggs or a hamburger
f. Any family words for father or mother?

9. How do you pronounce these words/phrases? (Using /i/, /I/, /e/, /E/...etc, if you're familiar)

a. Cot
b. Caught
c. Greasy
d. many
e. Mrs
f. Nice white rice
g. Ten pens
h. Years

Thank you very much!
Tags: american english, surveys/quizzes

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