theunixgeek (theunixgeek) wrote in linguaphiles,

Aesthetics of a Writing Script

What makes a script look good or not? I guess I like the generic look of the Latin alphabet simply because I'm accustomed to it, but what makes me view other scripts as being good-looking or not? For example, I find the Arabic script to be beautiful when it is completely written in cursive with no breaks, but I find words such as أدرس less appealing because the letters are farther apart. Then there are scripts like Inuktitut that I find completely unbalanced and, frankly, rather ugly, and some like the Cherokee syllabary where the letters look beautiful by themselves but lose their appeal when in large print, but look fine when the words are written in small font sizes.

Do any of you have similar feelings about the looks of scripts? How is this like or dislike for certain scripts developed?

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