schwa (koe_kto) wrote in linguaphiles,

A Spanish proofreader wanted


I've tried to help one of my friends recently by translating some texts for his site from English into Spanish. Since my Spanish is far from perfect (it's only my second year in it), a good proofreader is whom I really need.

I don't know if it's the right community to address (and if it's not, maybe anyone of you can suggest my posting somwhere else), and yet I'm asking for a favour of proofreading. The text contains both English and Spanish variants, each of them contains about 10 thousands symbols with spaces (it's about 5 pages). The text is about software testing service.

If anyone of you is interested in, he or she can leave a screened comment to this entry with any contact detail so I could email him or her.

I must emphasize that it's not a job for me and I won't earn anything with it, so all this is pure enthusiasm. I'm just asking for a favour here, and I can promise a favour back: I'm a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian, so a person interested in helping me can expect a certain help with his/her Russian or Ukrainian from me.

Thank you for your attention and help in advance.
Again, pardon if misposted.

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