marmite. (mehercule) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hawaiian: questions

Hey everyone! I'm trying to learn Hawaiian.
Has anyone tried before and if so does anyone here have any advice or tips?

Also, what are some online resources? I have come across and , but I'm looking for some more variety.

I'm thinking of taking the online classes at when I get some money (tuition fees and textbooks are right now draining my bank account), so does anyone have any feedback on any of the two sites (or another one)? The latter seems cheaper and associated with a learning institution, but I have no idea how the quality is.

I also found a book on called "Learn Hawaiian at Home" but it seems to have only about 200 pages (at least according to Google) so I have no idea if it's any good or if it's more a general phrase book. I'd also be interested on something with pronounciation, and the reason why think an online course / language exchange would be better than just getting a book is because I'd have someone correcting my mistakes as I go.

Thanks a bunch! ♥
Tags: hawaiian

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