Haz (kapitankraut) wrote in linguaphiles,

Business (Banking, in particular) German, and other languages

I work for a large bank in Australia, and happen to be one of the few staff who can speak German - or possibly one of the few staff who are prepared to put their hands up and admit to it. As a result, I often need to help German speakers out with their banking.
Usually this is simple stuff, but every now and again I need to look for technical terms such as "maturity date" (for a term deposit) and so on. I haven't yet been able to find a good bilingual German-English dictionary for banking-specific terms like this, although I'm sure one must exist. So if any of you clever people have recommendations, that would be wonderful.

For that matter, if you know of any such dictionaries for any Eastern European languages (other than Russian, which seems to be well-covered by other staff members), that would be handy as well. Not that I can speak much in the way of Polish or Hungarian or anything like that to save myself, but technical terms like that are much harder to break down into simple language for ESL speakers.

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