Une Comédie En Noir (smoke_rising) wrote in linguaphiles,
Une Comédie En Noir

French and Creole speakers - help direct aid in Haiti

A friend of me passed me this and I hope it's suitable for this community.


Basically, it's a service set up by a Haitian mobile phone network. It allows text messages from people in Haiti to be sent to a live number to request help/report a crisis. You can help translate the messages if they're in French or Creole, and/or help pass them along. It only takes a minute or so per message, but so far I'm finding the Creole impenetrable. Worth a shot if your French is more fluent than mine, though.

EDIT: turns out Creole and French are further apart than I thought. Worth leaving this up for Creole speakers, though. If anyone can help, I'm sure the aid workers will appreciate it.

Let me know if this is inappropriate and I'll delete it.
Tags: french

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