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Career Advice?

Question: Can anyone offer any advice on what direction I should move toward or a certain career I should pursue? 

First... I've always been interested in languages and words and of the like. That is why this question is being posted here. And, also, because I can't seem to google the right thing or find the right people to ask.
Here's what I know
*I'd rather translate, then interpret, but I'm not sure if I'd want to focus on one language alone. I'd also prefer not to teach.

*If I were to focus on one language, I always thought it would be Japanese. I learned the alphabets (hiragana, katakana) and I'd immersed myself through so much music, animes, and movies, that it almost feels like a waste to not follow through. Recently, I've become serious in Spanish. I've dabbled in Esperanto and French (enough to get my feet wet) and I'm now dabbling in Swedish (because I met someone Swedish and thought it would be fun), Chinese (just the basics), Hindi (just the basics), and Italian. Then sometimes I watch shows in Portugeuse subtitles to examine differences between it and Spanish and Italian.

*The above makes me think that I want to major in  Linguistics. But what do you DO with that?

*This raises even more questions - would I go more for the science division.... or the art division? What is the real difference? I'm open  to both sides of the equation - if science implies that I'll do a LOT of research and/or experiments, then I'd be for it. And I seem to like the arts.

*I also seriously considered pursuing psychology, and though I find it fascinating, I've about run that into the ground. I also like theology and religion. Last semester, I found that I really enjoyed learning about the anatomy. ((I have no idea if that information helps...))

*If this helps: I live in the US, specifically Tennessee.

I'm very confused on the whole ordeal, and I'm applying for college in a matter of days. The only option I seem to have is to knock the basics out, then transfer and go on with whatever I decide, but I'd like a clear idea of where I'm going and if there's an advice or suggestions that you guys have, I'll love you forever. (And send you a cookie through the mail. Seriously. I'm game.)
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