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Phonetics of Sumerian

So, I've been working through John L Hayes' Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts, and aside from finding it very much like yoga for the brain (especially the verbs), I'm getting all persnicketty about the proper pronunciation.

In summary, the controversy seems to be:

*r - might be apical or gutteral
*ř - is a sound similar to but not the same as *d, *l, and *r
*g̃ - is a sound similar to but not the same as *m, *g, and *n
*z - might be /z/ or /ts/ or something else entirely
There might or might not be two kinds of *l

For myself, I've been reading them:

*r - /ʁ/
*ř - /ɾ/
*g̃ - /ŋ/
*z - /z/
*l - /l/

My question to you great linguistic minds is: Where may the latest and greatest opinions about Sumerian phonology and pronunciation be found?

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