Sune Mai (sunemai) wrote in linguaphiles,
Sune Mai

English to Latin and French

O linguaphiles, I have come to beg for help.

Does anyone know how to translate "While you might be wrong, I certainly am right" into Latin? It's enough if it has the same message (I am right, you are wrong). I don't remember if person pronouns are gender-specific in Latin, but if they are: I = male, you = female.

I also need a rather unusual endearment translated into French... (Oh my god, please don't laugh...) How would you say "my li'l honey cubelet" in French? If there are any diminutives in French that can be randomly thrown at the end/beginning of words, I would love that to involve one, since it's kind of half the joke. Oh, and the endearment is also for a woman, in case that matters.

Thank you in advance!

ETA: Thank you, everyone, for your invaluable help and for the fascinating discussion on the differences between two Latin verbs and the collection of sugary sweet French endearments.
Tags: french, latin, translation

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