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French military abbreviations

Good $TIME_PERIOD, linguaphiles, a few questions for a translation I'm working on (French to English).

1) Is anyone aware of a location where "official" English names for the various departments of the French military might be found? In particular, I'm wondering if there's an official English name for SCAM (Service central des achats de la maintenance)? Obviously I know what the words mean, but I'm wondering if there's an official name for it in English, or if I should just go with the best I can figure out?

2) On a purchase order, what does the phrase "ETS comptables" mean, when it's directly opposed to "Lieu de livraisons" - is this the billing address?

3) Under "Destination for ordered goods", the top line says this, exactly:

- dont 1 ex Acc rect

I can see that this has something to do with acknowledgement of receipt, but I'm not familiar enough with the commercial language to be certain of the exact meaning. Any suggestions?

4) The translation has to do with rifle scopes. Does anyone have any idea, in that context, what an "option FAB" might be?

ETA: Is it possible that "option FAB" might be "franco à bord", a term of international sales meaning a shift in the place of transfer of goods from seller to buyer (FOB Destination, in English)?

That's all of them. My gratitude for any answers anyone has. Molto спасmergracithanke, as I've been known to say. :)

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