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Greece (Crete)

I'm really sorry that this isn't really related to languages, but it's the only community I can find about Greece, without a ton of anime-related stuff.
It does have some language-related stuff.

My parents retired out to Crete a few years ago, but their Greek is very bad (they're both very old, so memory is an issue, and they find remembering words very difficult, and learning a new language very difficult).

They're having problems with their Landlord. Now a greater understanding of the languages involved for both parties would probably help (My parents speak English, the Landlord is native Cretan).
I'm more after some kind of tenant rights though. In the UK, we have the Citizen's Advice Beureau (I think I spelt that totally wrong - I've not slept, it's 10am, I'm tired and dyspraxic!).
They advise on small legal issues like this.
The landlord has been demanding money for fuel for the heating system, and then not been putting the heating on at all. (And by money, I mean a lot of money!)
My Dad is 75, has severe heart failure, emphesema, other major medical conditions. He could quite literally die without being warm enough.
Is there somewhere they could go to get some free legal advice by someone who would speak enough English to help them out?
Do they even have rights over there?
We don't really know the laws very well, mostly they've just got on with things, and they've not had any problems until this new landlord this winter. Before this, everyone has been really nice and accomodating, and they made really good friends with all of their neighbours.

Again, I'm really sorry that this isn't directly linguistically related, but there's bound to be someone here who knows where I could go to ask at least, or would know if there's no chance of them getting any support, or whatever, I just feel so useless not being able to help and in a different country, when I know my Dad's so ill.
Fortunately they're looking to move somewhere a bit bigger asap anyway, and they'll be vetting the landlord/landlady a bit more this time (as much as is possible with their limited Greek).
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