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Article from Apple vs Google Part II

Dear Linguaphiles,

Thanks for your kind replies. I could understand well after reading your comments last night. Here is another question, so that I will be able to understand more than anybody else, the other Japanese readers hehe. It's an old article from Business Week magazine last year.

Here is the passage;

The reasons range from filtering out schlock applications to what some observers say is putting the kibosh on applications that compete with Apple’s own offerings or those of iPhone wireless carrier AT&T. That may have been why Apple blocked Web-calling software Google Voice from the iPhone least month.

I know what happened about this Google Voice, ,the free application from Apple, AT&T and Google August last month. So I roughly understand what it said. But I can’t translate words by words. Because of some difficulties;

1) Construction of sentence; ‘range from’ Maybe because I don’t understand exactly what those mean by ‘shlock applications’, ‘observers’, ‘kibosh on applications’...
2) What is the web-calling software.

Thank you very much in advance!!

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