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Pronounciation of "the" in American english.

My sister is a fan of the show "wizards of waverly place" and I recently noticed that one of the actors often pronounces "the"with a short e rather than a long e  in sentences where I'm used to a long e being used. I'm in central Ontario Canada as an aside. example: "It's the only way" with "the" sounding more like thee. The actor pronounces it more like "tha' "

I'm wondering if this is simply a quirk the actor or character has or is this fairly common in American english? I know with accents from Wales and Ireland and Scotland particularly this is common in people with accents but I've never heard it happening with American english speakers unless they've immigrated or grown up with it. and then it shows up regularly wheras this seems to be a rare thing.

Anyone else seen similar things happening?
Tags: american english, dontflamemebro, english, english dialects, howdoyousay

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