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If you like Spanish, just for fun, I suggest you visit today http://meneame.net and try to read it. Why? Today, at least in Spain, it's the Innocent Saints day (Día de los Santos Inocentes)- our equivalent for April Fool's day. The forementioned webpage's joke consists in "translating" all its main webpage into a Spanish internet lingo called "HOYGAN".

A lot of Spanish-speaking internet users make constant spelling mistakes confusing homophone words and misplacing and misusing H, LL, Y, J, G, V, B, S, C, Z... Since most of these users also write in capital letters, this "lingo" is called "HOYGAN", meaning that most of these posts should have started with "Oigan". The process was made using a filter that simply makes every possible spelling mistake when writing in Spanish.

Meneame is the Spanish equivalent of services such as digg, so you will find news and links to certain blogs. So if you want to read the good version of what you're reading, just click on the "Comentarios" and you will see the change. Because of today's date, you'll find also a plethora of false news.

Edit: The joke is finished. Read about it here: http://meneame.net/story/el-nuevo-filtro-super-hoygan

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