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dan-down merger?

I've been back in Medway this week, and thinking about phonetics (too much time on my hands for sure!). Round my way, there's almost sound merger between words like Dan and down, but not quite (often represented in writing as things like Saarf London). So aʊ gets turned into just plain a contrasted with the æ of words like cat or the ʊ:w of words like dawn or horse . Is there an official name for this change, along the lines of "trap-bath split" or "cot-caught merger"?

So to make it clearer
Dan= dæn (RP) dan (Medway)
down= daʊn (RP) da:n (Medway)
Dawn= dɔ:n (RP) dʊ:wn (Medway)
Tags: accents, phonetics

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