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New dictionaries :)

As of this afternoon, I'm the proud owner of the electronic Van Dale Dutch/English/French/German large dictionary set! Yay! My uni uses these dictionaries and I love them, they are easy to work with and contain lots of extra information and idiomatic expressions. They have about 115.000 lemmas per language, I believe. I'm so happy! As much fun it is to leaf through my paper dictionaries, these will help me taking less than an hour on a few lines of text and there's something to say for that too :P

(I realize this sounds like a commercial but I'm just so excited! I'd never have bought them for myself because they're quite expensive, but I've been given them by my department as 'salary' for a tutorial I taught last semester. The Board didn't allow them to officially appoint a TA, but the department had the funds to let me choose a gift worth the pay I'd have gotten. I love how the department is doing everything possible to keep the students on their feet while the Board is ripping it all to shreds. No really, how's firing half the Linguistics staff while telling them to add to the curriculum and teach a 3-fold of the current student load a realistic and even good idea?)
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