Elenloth (flamingophoenix) wrote in linguaphiles,

Crazanian - is this a mountweazel?

One of my friends was recently compiling a list of how you say Merry Christmas in a bunch of different languages, and I noticed "Crazanian" on the list. My immediate reaction was "Hmm, that doesn't sound like a real language, and it's not in Ethnologue anyway - so maybe it's a constructed language!", but I could only find it in Google in "How you say Merry Christmas" lists.

This makes me think that it's not a human language *or* a constructed language - instead it's one of those fake things that people put in their publications to make copyright enforcement easier to prove in court. After some Googling, we found out that one word for this type of thing is mountweazel, which is now just about my favorite word ever. (Redirects to "Fictitious entry.")

Have any of you heard of the language Crazanian before? Are there any other linguistic mountweazels lurking around your worlds?

I should note that I don't see it in this Ominglot list, ref. this post. :-)

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