Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard (ubykhlives) wrote in linguaphiles,
Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard

A Turkish sentence

Evening all,

Are there any fluent Turkish speakers hereabouts who can give me a translation of the sentence hemen hemen beni tutacaktı? More specifically, I'm looking to find out very precisely what hemen hemen means here (I know the remainder is something like "he would have caught me"). It's the Turkish gloss Tevfik Esenç gave for the Ubykh noun phrase wɜnɜqʲɜmɜɕɜ; I'm trying to work out what the specific nuance is so that I can properly gloss it in English, and unfortunately my Turkish isn't nearly good enough.

Teşekkürler / wɜn ɕʷɨʃʷɜq’ɨnɜχ!

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