crazyamoeba (crazyamoeba) wrote in linguaphiles,

A Russian term

Hello! I have just discovered this wonderful community, and am positively squirming with delight at the chance to talk to others interested in language. However, my first question (probably the first of many) is about a Russian word.
Don't worry, I know that this isn't a community for translators, but I read the community rules, and it said that questions related to a single language were okay, so I hope this isn't breaking a rule. It is a bit of an obscure question, and I have also paid a visit to a Russian-learners community, but am waiting to find out if they will actually let me join first!

This is really just a tiny bit of research. I was watching a drama-documentary on the subject of the Ballets Russes, for which I have always held a fascination. I noticed that several people referred to Sergei Diaghilev by a word which - as far as I am aware - was not part of his name. I at least know that it was not his first, middle or last name.
Apologies for my ignorance. But I'm not able to use the Russian alphabet, so I'll just have to cringe and have a horribly embarrassing go at spelling out the word phonetically. It sounded like people were referring to him as 'Siriosha.' I was just wondering if anybody knows whether this is indeed a word at all, and if so, what it means.
Is it a term of endearment or affection? The people who used this word were all quite close to the man in question. Or is it perhaps some kind of title? I also thought it might have been used to express frustration somehow, because those who used it sounded quite long-suffering and exasperated at the time. Sorry for rambling. And for the obscurity and general incompetence of the question. Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

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