FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote in linguaphiles,

Frere Jacques in Wolof

I'm a children's librarian, and I have a collection of Frere Jacques in different languages. In February, we're doing a West African based storytime, and I wanted a Frere Jacques to match. Wikipedia gives this in Wolof:

Sama raka modou, sama raka modou,
Yéwougham, Yéwougham,
Gnoundé yayou diné, gnoundé yayou diné,
Ding dong dong, Ding dong dong

It doesn't give a translation (and I wouldn't necessarily trust it if it did. Does anyone have any Wolof language to let me know what the words mean, or have a good site for it? Is the pronunciation close to what they have here, or are the phonemes very different?

Thanks--I know, it's not exactly advanced language study, but it's just meant to introduce little kids of preschool age to the wonders of other languages existing in the world. (And it's funny how much easier the words are for them to learn than for their parents!)

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