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my website

Dear linguaphiles,

I created a website and I would like to make it multilingual. Here is a short introduction from the first page of the site. I would like it to be translated to as many languages as possible (except Hungarian, because I can do that. :) ). It would be a great help!
Thanks in advance and if you are interested in participating in the website, just let me know. I hope it can be useful one day.

Spread the Word! Community Portal

Got a novel, short story? Our new community portal focuses on talents. You might have written a book but it was rejected by a publisher in your country or you want the whole world to know your name and work, your place is here!

Are you interested? You can ask native speakers to translate your work and have it published in their country. This way you'll be known in other countries as well. You'll have fans, you'll have money, you'll have success. If you are really good. Everything is up to you.

Do you want to try it?

Join our portal. It is free. Post your work here and ask for translation. But don't forget:

- Read the Terms of Service before registering.
- If you have any questions or you just want to meet new friends, use our Forum.
- You have the right to use your own language: to post works and to communicate in the forum. However, it is most likely that the main language will be English.
- If you are unsure of anything don't hasitate to contact us (in English).
- If you have good ideas to improve the portal, let us know.

Welcome and start spreading the word!
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