sunshine404 (sunshine404) wrote in linguaphiles,

Survey: French & grammatical gender

Hi Everyone! I just joined this community and I am hoping you guys could help me :) As introductory posts are, I shall say that my native language is English; I also know french; I have been studying it for 6 years; and I am moderately fluent.

That being said, here comes my problem: I am doing a research study on L2 French and the realization/production of grammatical gender and I don't have very many subjects :( This is where some of you could help! I have a short survey/questionnaire that would give me more data so that my paper won't be terribly inconclusive :D When I am done, I will most definitely inform you guys of the results and perhaps some info from my paper I will be writing!

If you speak french (either as your first or second or whatever language) then please take my survey at: Oh, and if you have any questions (or corrections to my questions), please do ask!


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