Joyous Greenmountain (bastette_joyce) wrote in linguaphiles,
Joyous Greenmountain

Dialectical variety

A poster on an online forum I read said the following:

"There is far more dialectal variety in Britain than there is in the US, and except for African and Yiddish imports American English hasn't innovated very much."

Is he right? I find it hard to believe. I know there are many regional accents in the UK, but it would seem like there'd be even more in the US. But even if I'm wrong about that, it can't be true that African and Yiddish words are the only contributions to American English. We (in the US) have immigrants from all over the world, and words from their languages have made their way into common US-English usage. What about all the other Europeans (not English) who emigrated here? People from Asian countries? American Indians?

I'd love to hear some opinions on this, as well as any statistics (or references to online information) on various linguistic influences on American English. Thanks!

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