lyra.cole, girl gmr (agentdanak) wrote in linguaphiles,
lyra.cole, girl gmr

i normally wouldn't do this...

a co-worker is trying to get help in translating the following into french:

This person is traveling from Seattle/ Tacoma (SEA, United States) to Warsaw (WAW, Poland) on December 4th /5th with a plane change in Paris (CDG). If she has given you this letter then she is in need of help.
Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak English (speaks polish only) and would be extremely thankful for any help during her transit stay at the Paris Airport.
Any help you can give to help her get to Seattle/Tacoma (information about the flight bellow the letter) would be sincerely appreciated.
If any problems occur please inform one of the following people:
VB (daughter) – USA phone number:
CB (son in law) – USA Phone number
We both speak English and Polish and would appreciate any help you can provide to TK.

i don't know french, so cannot help him a whit. would anyone be able to help out with this? many thanks!

eta: looks like he found someone to help, so please disregard :)

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