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I am currently assisting with a primary school where we have recently started a language learning course for the children - in this case, with French. However a lot of the children are really struggling with learning it and so I am looking into ways of helping them outside of class.

One of the ideas we have had is to basically steal the Kumon idea (which for those who do not know basically gives children a short worksheet to do every day in which they have to answer repetitive questions to do with either maths or english) but relate it to French instead. So for example there could be a small workbook with a page of words in English, and the children would be asked to write the word in French. Once a week they would come and hand their workbooks in, and we would be able to help them with anything they didn't understand or with things like pronnounciation in that time.

Would something like this have been helpful for you?
Alternatively, do you have any other ideas we could use? The language lessons themselves are very short and as we have to do them exactly how the school says we don't have much room for any outside help - the most we can do is an extra optional hour after a school each week, really.

The children are aged between 5 - 10.

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