Troglodyta Recidivus (uber1337n3ss) wrote in linguaphiles,
Troglodyta Recidivus


So this is my second favorite Snickers commercial behind Patrick Chewing, but that's beside the point. At about :12 seconds in, the guy with the remarkably small stomach says "Wow, my hunger's just gone."

My question is this: how do you interpret this sentence and where are you from?

1) My hunger is just gone (adjective).
2) My hunger has just gone (past participle).
3) ???

I interpret it as option one and don't anyone I know would differ, but because it's ambiguous I like to pretend it's option two. :D Interestingly enough I consider option two a very British expression and if the commercial featured the queen of England rather than just some black guy I think I would be much more inclined to interpret it as two.

Not a very novel topic but any thoughts?

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