Lux Ion (imluxionverdin) wrote in linguaphiles,
Lux Ion

Fun fact about Afrikaans

I was listening to a British reporter on the radio today, who was in South Africa. He said he had learned an interesting thing about Afrikaans, i.e.that it was the only language in the world that had no English words. There was a special committee, and they decided on an Afrikaans equivalent for any English words they needed.

At first I was thinking, I don't believe that. The reporter doesn't speak Afrikaans and it sounds like an urban myth.

But as he spoke, it turned out he was talking only about Cricket. All the sports commentators apparantly have to use Afrikaans words for all the cricket terms, so a committee works out Afrikaans equivalents for things like 'follow on', 'maiden over', 'Night Watchman', etc. etc. etc.

That seems plausible, (think of L'Académie française! ... think of how TV news stations work out standards so all their news readers pronounce names in the same way) and if it's true it's very interesting.

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