Star. (mirmarmelade) wrote in linguaphiles,

Vocab learning help

Hi all, I've been using digital flashcards to practice my German vocabulary, but I'm thinking of better ways. Specifically, I'm wondering if there are any ways to make, so to say, three-way flashcards. Sometimes I want to add more information to the item that I want to learn, but independently from the meaning or the word itself.

Now, while trying to learn verbs and their prepositions, I use two entries:
1. warten (=word)
2. wachten (=meaning), auf+4 (=preposition)
It would be great, however, if I could store the information about the preposition in a third entry, and that with any prompt of 1 or 2, I would have to provide both other entries.

Does anyone know of a program that can do this? The only solution I'm seeing at the moment is making double sets of flashcards, and I'd like to avoid that.
Tags: vocabulary

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