what would my euphemism be? (wottie) wrote in linguaphiles,
what would my euphemism be?

two unrelated questions

1. Since I'm going to Europe at the end of the year (yay!), I'm trying to learn as much touristy French/Italian/German/Danish as possible. I've been looking up resources but there's so much and it all looks rather similar, so I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for specific books/online resources I could check out? In particular, I'm looking to learn the sort of phrases I'd need to get around (please/thank you/money and number words/left and right/where is my hotel etc.) and I'd really like to work on having a semi-decent pronounciation, so something with tapes would be great.

2. I've recently stopped taking Japanese classes but would very much like to continue learning it independently. I use the Genki textbook (wonderful, by the way) and have access to kanji dictionaries/readers etc., but I'm worried that without regular classes/consistent communication, I'll find it harder to get used to new grammatical structures and learn new vocabulary. For anyone else who's learned a language independently, have you found it comparatively harder to stay on track? How important would you say it is to find a buddy with whom to practice dialogue/motivate each other? Any tips in general?

Thanks in advance! ♥
Tags: danish, french, german, italian, japanese, learning languages

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