Panda Girang (harehare) wrote in linguaphiles,
Panda Girang

Help, please? (trying to improve my English)

Are these sentences right or wrong?
If it's wrong what is the right one?

1. After dressing he watched the TV. can i not use the "the"?
2. He glanced at a radio on the other side of the room.
3. I'm good (at? on? in?) mathematics
4. (at? on? in?) television/youtube.
5. His hand is shaking from (nerves or nervousness?)
6. Too (much/many?) sounds. Why does my heart says it's many but my brain says much?
7. I started to read. What's the difference with "I started reading"

Thank you very much for your help.

which kind of sound would you think as noise?
what about when a microphone got loose and the speaker let out that screeching sound? is that noise?
Tags: english

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