Ad astra per alia porci (paulistano) wrote in linguaphiles,
Ad astra per alia porci

Baby Games

I'm fairly fluent in Portuguese, but as I'm raising my 12-month old son, I've begun to realize that my "baby vocabulary" is lacking. For example, I don't know how to play "Peekaboo" in Portuguese. I've settled on saying "Cadê o Kiernan?? Aí está!" but that doesn't feel quite right.

So this has gotten me thinking about baby games in other languages. Peekaboo is the only game that I can think of at the moment, but for curiosity's sake, how do you say/play "peekaboo" in other languages? I'm specifically looking for Portuguese, but I'm interested in other languages too. Also, what other baby games do you know in other languages?

ETA: I suppose there's also the song "Trot, trot, trot to Boston Town, see little baby falling down!" I know there won't be a direct translation of the song, but how does one play a bouncing-on-knee game in Portuguese or other languages?

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