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Learning Chinese as a heritage speaker

Hi all!

I've taken CHIN 111 and CHIN 212, the first two courses in the sequence for Chinese for heritage speakers, at my university. However, because of a class conflict, I wasn't able to take CHIN 313 and won't be able to take the next class in the sequence next semester because of it. I still want to learn Chinese though and get up to a level of fluency.

So I was wondering—what online resources (or books that I can look for at my library) do you guys recommend for a heritage speaker learning Chinese? At my school, completion of 212 is equivalent to completion of 204, or four semesters of Chinese, putting me at roughly an intermediate level. So either materials that teach Chinese for heritage speakers or intermediate-level Chinese would be great. Also, this is a little nitpick, but I prefer learning traditional characters.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
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