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Word for Arctic Fox In Japanese? :?

Hi! I love arctic foxes / snow foxes (they're sort of my mascot, I guess) and I've looked online, but I can't find an answer to this: is there some word for them in Japanese? I was wondering if maybe it was just a compound of the kanji for snow and fox, but... I know that such a term would have to be fairly recent in its development, because arctic foxes (as far as I know) never live in Japan, so perhaps the name is katakana? :/

If anyone knows, I'd really love the kanji, kana and romaji names for arctic fox. I use "snowfox" as an online handle, and I've joined several Japanese-language websites, and it would be really convenient to know the kanji etc. for my favorite animal...

Also, they're just awesomely fluffy.

This part is solved. Snow foxes are ホッキョクギツネ. Thank you! :D

PS: Is there a Japanese-language term for tabby cats / domestic cats with striped patterning? What about grouper fish? They're my other favorite animals.

^^; Thank you in advance.
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