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Telugu resources?

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to learn Telugu, but I can't find any good resources online or otherwise. There don't seem to be many books available either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to learn the alphabet and everything but that's not nearly as important to me as the ability to speak it, as my boyfriend was born in India (Andhra Pradesh) and speaks Telugu fairly well. I just want to be able to converse with him at a basic level... although I do have an interest in the grammar and everything... I'll probably end up learning more than I originally intended.

I'm studying French right now, and I just notice a huge disparity between the amount of French material available and the amount of Telugu learning materlals. The difference there is definitely understandable, it's just kind of nervewracking in a way. Any advice? I'm particularly interested in audio.

Thanks for your help everyone. :)

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