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transitive verbs in Spanish

Hi there. I'm a heritage Spanish speaker taking his first college-level Spanish course (it is an advanced course in grammar and composition) and I had a question:

does anyone have any good articles on how transitivity works in Spanish? The textbook I have said a transitive verb was capable of taking a direct object or indirect object, but my professor disagreed with the notion that a transitive verb can take an indirect object ( I disagree with him).

He was explaining, however, how Spanish does not seem to have the notion of ditransitive/tritranstive/ambitransitive that wikipedia indicates are possible for verbs.

so, could anyone clarify how transitive verbs differ in Spanish from English? How transitivity works in Spanish?

Also, if possible, could you point me in the direction of any articles or websites that deal with this?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I already read wikipedia's articles on transitivity and valency and a few others. Thanks, though!
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