Claire N. Bright (eastertheatre) wrote in linguaphiles,
Claire N. Bright

purposely mispronouncing words

I was thinking about a habit I have, and wondering if there is a name for it. Sometimes if I notice a mispronunciation that I think is amusing for some reason, I will start using it as a kind of joke -- well, maybe more of a self-amusement. For example, "libarry" for "library," "forgotted" for "forgot," or "misunderestimated" for "underestimated." But after a while, I start feeling myself reaching for one of these incorrect words when I want to use the correct one! I am getting ready to meet with my MA adviser today to talk about my thesis, and I am having to remind myself: "Do not say you 'forgotted' he would be out of town!"  Is there a name for this?

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