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English pronunciation rules and a cute gimmick

Hello dear Linguaphiles,

first my question:

Do you know (of) any online resources explaining English pronunciation rules?

So far I've found this:

and several good sites about IPA, but now I'm looking for rules or guidelines along the lines of "'eau' is always pronounced 'o' in French" or "'sh' is like 'sch' in German".

I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who's just started studying Anglistics at university.

And now for something entirely different

Yesterday I stumbled upon this cute gimmick where you can arrange the verses of a love song in multiple languages:
Love Song

The song is by German singer, pianist and songwriter Bodo Wartke. Here is an example of him playing the song live (with only a few of the over 80 verses).

The instructions are in German, so here's a rough translation:
First chose your type of internet connection (Modem/ISDN/DSL)

You can then chose between five lists of verses - German and German dialects, Swiss dialects, European languages, other continents, and other languages (which includes Klingon and Quenya!).

Just left-clicking on the language will play a sample. "Click and drag" to the staff to arrange your own version. You can e-mail it ("Dein Liebeslied abschicken"), save it as mp3, start over ("Neues Lied"), ask for help (in German) or contact Wartke to help writing a verse in another language ("eigene Sprache").

Have fun!

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