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Help me choose a word, please

I just found this community; I looked for something like it because I've realized that I need some help. :)
(My native language is Swedish, by the way.) I have always read a lot in English, and since I found LJ (about two years ago, I think), I have been writing a lot as well.

But there are some questions that the dictionary just can't answer. One thing I would like to know is: What is the difference between "each other" and "one another"? It's just one word in Swedish, and when you look it up, you get the two alternatives, and many phrases as examples... but I just can't figure out what the difference is. Is there a rule for this, or is it something a native speaker "just know"? (For example, should I write: "We are always going to be kind to each other", or "We are always going to be kind to one another"?)

And also: what's the difference between "toward" and "towards"? I have seen the word both with an s, and without, and again, the dictionnary doesn't help!
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