Martha (amazinggoatgirl) wrote in linguaphiles,

I asked on whatwasthatone and they told me to come here.

I'd like to know the name of a song that was in Luis Buñuel's 1950 movie, Los Olvidados. This is the song that Don Carmelo, the old blind man that helps Ojitos, sings at the marketplace for money when the street gang tries to steal his purse. The lyrics I could get from that scene are:

"...hacia tu puerta llega
y se anida
en tu pecho un cruel sufrir
cuando la amarga cena te devore
acuédete de mí, y olvídame después
más si el dolor hacia tu puerta llega
y se anida en tu pecho un cruel sufrir..."

This song is sad and is associated with Porfirio Diaz' era, according to Don Carmelo in the movie. Anyone?

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