bambamonthinice (bambamonthinice) wrote in linguaphiles,

hey I'm a newbie...

...but definitely not to languages!
Hi! I'm Amber and I am an 18 year old Portuguese major at a university in the USA!!!
I have also studied French, Spanish, a little Arabic, and right now I am also taking a college course in Cape Verdean Creole, which is very cool!

I also really want to learn Darija, always have :)

I'm looking for other linguaphiles and I think I found the right place. I am studying for my dream job, which is an interpreter in a hospital or an international organization.

If anyone is willing to converse with me in French or Portuguese, I would be so grateful because I need an extraordinary amount of practice with these, although I am considered to be an intermediate learner!

I hope to get to know you guys!!!

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