nothx (k0dama) wrote in linguaphiles,

Official manner to idicate parts of a sentence

Hi, everyone.
While trying to increase my literacy rate in Japanese, I noticed that I would underline, circle, and put a dot over parts of the sentence as I was reading it to make it more 'legible' for myself; which made me wonder if maybe there was a set way in which one can mark up a sentence to indicate what is the subject, object, verb, adverb, adjective, particle ... etc. I think this would be a nice chance or me to put such a system to the use, if there is one!

Also, I was trying to explain 朦朧 to someone as "seeing [    ] and stars", but I couldn't remember what the exact phrase was. I know sometimes people just say "seeing stars" (just like in a cartoon) but I thought you were supposed to say you could see two different things, one of them being stars.


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