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Finnish + French terms of endearment/nicknames?

I'm working on outlining my NaNo project for this year, and I'm deciding on driver lineups for my fictional racing teams. I've got a Finnish driver, and a Canadian driver thus far. I've had a wander around the internet, looking for terms of endearment/nicknames in Finnish for my driver to use while talking to his girlfriend, and for addressing his teammates, who he's rather close with. So far, the only terms I've found have been "kulta" ('darling') and "ystävä" ('friend'), so I'd like to find a few more.

I'm running into a similar situation with my Canadian driver - I know a few sort of general terms, like "mon ami/ma amie" ('my friend'), "mon cher/ma cherie" ('my dear'), and such, but I was hoping to find something sort of off-the-wall or obscure, or perhaps specific to French-speaking Canadians. Again, he'll be talking to his girlfriend, and addressing his teammates.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! :-D

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