Elena (elena) wrote in linguaphiles,

I'm not sure if ya'll can help me, but it's worth a shot.

Hey guys.

A local pub I really like, The Grange Public House, is having to change their name. The National Grange, specifically Ed Luttrell, has nothing better to do but smell his own farts, and enforce trademarks all day and well as in response raise the fees due to such for members of the National Grange. Because fighting costs too much money, they're trying to think of a new name.

The folks who run The Grange are Irish, and the name was very fitting for their background and old pub feel -- the place is gorgeous, really. Great place.

I'm having no luck finding a good name because I really don't have the perspective I need. I'm hoping someone with a better grasp of Irish culture or Gaelic that might be able to help.

The only things I can think of to specific here is that the name needs to be easy for silly southerners to understand or say.

You'll notice there's money involved -- if you come up with the name that gets picked, I'll split the cash with you. :B I would be posting here even if there wasn't cash involved :P so please, don't give me crap about it. You don't like it... don't help me out. Better than to start whining about my intentions!

Really, I'm just stumped on something "good", and it sounds like everyone else is either. The best I've heard is "McDowell's", in reference to Coming to America. That's not going to cut it :B so I'd love ya'll's perspective! Thank you.

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