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thesis abstract

 Hello there linguaphiles, 

Could you please check if everything is ok with my thesis abstract? Please tell me if there are any grammatically incorrect sentences or if anything is not clear. Thanks.


The English language has spread over the world and has become one of the most widely spoken languages. Different varieties of the same language evolved with their own distinctive features, altering it along the way. British English, which is regarded as the original basis of the many varieties, has changed as well, losing certain features that once gave the skeleton of the whole language.

The American variety is said to have preserved archaic features of British English which give distinctive features to the variety. The purpose of this thesis is to examine if general statements about American English are still valid. After a brief literature review of such features of American English, namely the American flat pronunciation of the round /a/ and /o/ sounds of British English, the [ʍ] pronunciation of <wh-> words and the rhotic nature of American English, the thesis focuses on the appearance and distribution of these features in the United States on the basis of an online survey. The thesis also looks at the distinctive new vocabulary of the American variety as well as the semantically archaic vocabulary of British English still in use in the United States with the residue of earlier British English grammar. 



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