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"Pop" or "Soft drink?" XD joking!

Rather, I'm more interested in how certain soda brands are pronounced by people who don't speak the native tongue or who speak it as a second language. For you see, I work at a fast food restaurant, and in my area there is a high population of Mexican people. Most of them either don't speak English or are on their way to learn English, so when they order these certain types of sodas, this happens:

Pepsi goes from "Pehpsee" to "Pehtsee." The "P" becomes a "T." Which makes absolutely NO sense to me, because the times I've gone to Mexico, people over there seem to pronounce Pepsi as "Pehpsee." But Sierra Mist is my all time favorite! The "Sierra" part is pronounced perfectly, get to "Mist" however, and you go from "Mihst" to "Meestk." I don't get why the seem hell bent on adding the "K." Even my family tends to sometimes pronounce it like that. It appears like they HAVE to add the "k" otherwise they'll choke on the "T."

I've also heard a French woman pronounce Pepsi something like "Pupsee." Her daughter asked me if one pronounced "Baja," as in "Mountain Dew Baja Blast*" as "Basha." She seemed surprised that we pronounced it "Baha," and not "Basha."

So, how are Pepsi, Coke, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, etc, etc, etc pronounced where you live? Do you have a specific way of pronouncing certain sodas?

*Whenever I say "Blast," it sounds like "Blohst." Hahaha.

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