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Hi, Linguaphiles!

I'm trying to collect as many idioms, phrases and proverbs from various languages with hare (or rabbit) in them as possible.
Everyone's contribution appreciated.

Here's what Ukrainian language got, for instance:

ганятися за двома зайцями (to hunt two hares) - to try to accomplish two things at the same time and not to succeed in either
заєць у голові (a hare in sb's head) - of a nonchalant and a thoughtless (or sometimes stupid or crazy) person
ганяти, як солоного зайця - (run sb around like a salted (or salty) hare) - send on errands or force to work incessantly and ruthlessly
сипати зайцям солі на хвіст (pour salt on hares' tails) - to bluff, to threaten sb with false dangers
далеко куцому до зайця (a tailless one is far from being a hare) - means "there's a great discrepancy between these things or (usually) persons"

Thanks in advance .
Tags: animals, idioms, multiple languages, phrases

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