The tall girl in the back (andorus) wrote in linguaphiles,
The tall girl in the back

Thank you so much!

There are a bunch of responses on the "illiteracy" thread and I unfortunately don't have time to respond to each one individually, but THANK YOU! This will help me out so much.

(Please do keep them coming, if you have a translation in any other languages, preferably non-Germanic/Latin ones; I'm thinking of introducing a "there are many writing systems in the world" angle to the project.)

If you're all willing to humor me further, I already have some other possible questions and word/phrase translation requests along the same vein in mind, though they'll only be coming later this week or over the weekend. (We're doing a motion graphics project, and I've never worked with After Effects or Flash before, so I need to see what the software allows and what I can figure out how to do in the next two weeks.)

And if you happen to be interested in seeing the final product, drop me a line and I'd be happy to show it to you once it's done. :) Again, thank you all very much for your help!


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