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Help, please? /Sites for learning obscure languages

First! Can someone help me find the lyrics of this song? It's English but with a Russian dub-over, and being that this movie is a guilty pleasure among my friends and I, I want to know how it has changed from English to Russian (being that I study Russian, I also take this as a challenge to my listening skills!) I'm really embarrassed, but there are a lot of parts where I can't hear what the dubber is saying, and one sentence in particular has me stumped. :x
It begins here: at 31 minutes, 19 seconds (31:19), and ends at 33:30.
If you guys want to laugh at my pitiful attempt at transcribing the lyrics (I couldn't even attempt the introduction :[ ), it's behind the cut.

Stok ne menya raz
Stok ne menya dva
Zakruchy bez golova
Mne f te sasha ne te igreyatz
Kolube dima I ne haniche skayam raz
Слизь спадам мною. Sliz’ na ga mnoy
Пой любойте с так сичные я такой (I have no idea what this could be! Seriously, none at all! It looks like it could make sense, but Google Translate rejects every spelling of 'сичные' I throw at it, and 'любойте' could be 'любой', but then what about 'те'? argh I hate this sentence :[ )
Vesh’ etot mir I fcye zhevushyek mnyom
Ya visuz su dakaplye y fcyem ne drukom lyom
Vezh zhamshda nazhivye cigda idyot lyudey.
Na putra zdrushoniye yu ny stazhat’ net zhun glesh
A ne soz davit’ chude mashino chtob pravit’ dorogu vas ku tristino
glas i chyornie de slog de dorsh lyet du trishnye no pravyat’ sum nosh
Слизь спадам мною. Sliz’ na ga mnoy
Пой любойте с так сичные я такой
Слизь спадам мною. Sliz’ na ga mnoy
Пой любойте с так сичные я такой

Second! As many of the people on this community can attest, it can be hard to find online lessons for languages which aren't exactly the most popular. Because of this, it's always nice to find a site with lessons.

I found this site, for those who want to learn about Inuktitut grammar and vocabulary. It's supposed to take you from beginner to intermediate.

Have you guys found any similar sites? Please note that I use 'obscure' rather loosely, more in the sense of 'uncommon'. Under my definition, Tagalog would be an obscure language despite being well-known because finding materials for it isn't easy (my local barnes and noble only recently got a single book on Tagalog, while having guides to Serbo-Croatian and Sanskrit. I find this amusing.)
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